1Fuel gauge sender unit -- short circuitYesNone
2Fuel gauge sender unit -- intermittentYesNone
3Fuel gauge sender unit -- open circuit (refer to Note 1)YesNone
4LPG gauge sender unit -- open circuitYesLPG lamp enable
5LPG gauge sender unit -- short circuitYesLPG lamp enable
6LPG gauge sender unit -- intermittentYesLPG lamp enable
8No serial data from ABS/ETCYesTraction off enable
(refer to Note 2)
9No serial data from BCMYesNone
10No serial data from ECCYesNone
(refer to Note 3)
11No serial data from PCMYesNone
12No serial data from SDMYesSRS lamp enable
13No instrument poll from BCMYesNone
14No serial communicationYesNone
15No Sub-clockYesNone
16ABS/ETC fault loggedNoNone
17BCM fault loggedNoNone
18ECC fault loggedNoNone
19PCM fault loggedNoNone
20SDM fault loggedNoNone
21Trip switch short circuitYesNone
22Trip switch button stuckYesNone
24EEPROM checksum errorYesNone
25ROM checksum errorYesNone
26Internal faultYesNone
NOTE 1: DTC 3 is recognised by the instrument cluster self-diagnostics as `t 00 H C".
NOTE 2: DTC 8 is not enabled in vehicles fitted with ABS only.
NOTE 3: The ECC EEPROM enable bit is programmed active for the high series vehicles and inactive for the low series vehicles during manufacture.